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Frequently Asked Questions

Here to help

We get these questions a lot

We get it: you are interested but are unsure if we can provide value to your company or team. 

A lot of what we do is bespoke, it is created for our partners. So there is a chance that we will not answer exactly your specific question. 

That said, we are happy to have a chat to see if we can be a good fit. 

Hit the button below to schedule a call and we look forward to helping your team grow. 


Small businesses are our business. We don’t want to turn people away because they don’t think they can afford us. 

First off, set up a call and let’s talk. We pride ourselves on being flexible. 

We will say that we have built a system that is both scalable and affordable. We work all over the spectrum, from directly with owners to 200 frontline workers. 

Let us chat and see how we can make things work.

Most business owners would love to have one upper level leader they can count on, much less 2 or 3. 

The reality is, even if you have people you trust, they are eventually going to leave the company or retire. 

It is important that you are developing the next generation of leaders, even if it is going to be multiple years before they move up or take over. 

Start succession planning now.

We have been a Gold Tier Actionable partner since 2017 and it is one part of our delivery process. But it is an important part. 

The platform serves multiple functions: first off it helps deliver the main topic we are going for. This helps us keep it both affordable and scalable since it is a peer-to-peer led training session. 

We will build the bespoke sessions out, then your team will break off into groups. Everyone will have notes and a session leader will have a roadmap in how to lead the session. 

After your team completes the session, each person will agree with one habit that they want to change. That habit is put into the system and each person will get daily reminders on rate how they are doing on their habit that day. 

It sounds simple, but it is incredibly powerful. Imagine the growth in your company if just half of your employees were learning and implementing new habits every month.

If you have more questions, we are happy to show you a demo. 

Fear not, we strive to work with 50% of our clients in rural environments.

We even have an office in Strathmerton. 

Get in touch, and let us see how we can work together. 

If the pandemic taught us anything, it is that we have never been closer together. 

Much of what we do is done digitally. Be it a call, online presentation, or even the Actionable platform. 

That said, there is nothing like a face-to-face every now and then. We have no issue coming to you as part of your program. 

Leadership isn’t sector specific.

Your team being on the same page isn’t sector specific. 

Growth isn’t sector specific. 

We have never come across a business that we couldn’t help in some way. However, maybe you are the exception. 

Set up a call and let’s find out. 


In fact we have been doing this all over rural Victoria for multiple years and it has received incredible reviews. 

We love helping small businesses grow and they are the backbone of a lot of the communities that we are in. 

Let’s set something up. 

We are happy to give you a list of references. But we also believe you have to see for yourself. 

We have just launched an online foundational course entitled It’s More Than A Team. Get in touch and we will give you free access. 

If you go through that and get something out of it, you will know we are for real. 

You are going to hate us for this: but it depends. 

We offer such a wide range of services and since everything is bespoke, we can’t just give you a price. 

Plus, we want to understand where you are as a business. 

Get in touch, let’s go over your needs, and we can go from there. 

Just know, we pride ourselves on being accessible to even the smallest of businesses.