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About Lifeblood Performance

Builder of teams

About Mark Bloodworth

Mark is the builder of teams. 

As the founder and core of Lifeblood Performance, his infectious positivity combined with his upfront honesty was forged by 20 years working on the front lines. 

Having seen the lack of leadership development first hand during much of his professional career, Mark started Lifeblood Performance as a way to bridge the gap between the workers and management. 

By providing a sense of ownership to the team and giving them the tools to succeed, he has seen widespread growth in the businesses he has helped. 

Mark is proud to not just serve the small and medium size businesses of Melbourne, but takes pride in the work he has done in Regional Victoria and beyond. 

Years of Service
22 +
Companies Helped
600 +
Leaders Developed
Years Being Proudly Victorian
Our Mission

Every business makes tough decisions regarding direction and strategy. These decisions leave an impact on the company for years to come. Why make these monumental choices without the help of an expert?

By having an advocate who is removed from the day to day operations leading the discussion and development of new strategies, ownership and buy-in from everyone is easier.

This creates momentum during the kick-off and sets expectations throughout strategy implementation.

The team at Lifeblood Performance specialise in leading difficult conversations that need to be had for the health of the company. Every facilitation in bespoke and tailored to our partner’s needs and capabilities.

A brief Overview

A history of helping others


Where it all began. Having built up a network of small and medium size businesses throughout Victoria, Australia, Mark opened up the doors to Lifeblood. In fact, the business has always had just as many rural clients as it did urban, something that we strive towards to this day.

The business has always prided itself on developing relationships with not just management but also their frontline staff and emerging leaders. That is where the real value lies in building a sustainable business. 


Lifeblood signed an exclusive agreement with Actionable, a Canadian-based global platform that specialises in micro-changes. Instead of focusing squarely on a solitary seminar, Actionable’s state of the art platform allows for peer-to-peer teaching and a daily reminder system that allows people to build lasting habits over the course of a month. 

This platform has transformed the businesses that roll it out: it is scalable throughout the entire team, affordable, and allows the team members themselves to step up and take an ownership in their own development. 


With the onset a global pandemic, Lifeblood was able to change with the times and lean heavily into operating in the digital space. From webinars to individual coaching, the business has gotten stronger. 

As a result, Lifeblood has built up digital collateral, including it’s More Than a Team series ebook and online course. With businesses struggling to keep the lights on, we are committed to doing what we can to help small businesses stay open.